Include all fields in Liquid variable

  • 1 December 2022
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Do Looker support a variable name that include all the fields in the query?

For example, I have this Liquid: {% if dms_scg_dg.bkg_no._is_selected %} ${bkg_no}
                        {% elsif dms_scg_dg.cntr_no._is_selected %} ${cntr_no}
                        {% elsif dms_scg_dg.cntr_tpsz_cd %} ${cntr_tpsz_cd}
                         {% endif %} 

How can I create a liquid where if someone click on this field, it would be used in the query and this applies for all fields?

I tried {% view_name.field_name._is_selected %} ${ view_name.field_name} but it did not work.

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