If you could start all over again

  • 7 November 2019
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if you could start again…

what would you do differently today?

what would you pay more attention at?

What are your painpoints ?

What wouldn’t you do anymore?

Where would you invest more time to find a good solution?

We start in January with our Cloud project and change from Oracle and SAP Web Intelligence to Snowflake and Looker.

What are your recommendations?

Which topics should you keep an eye on?

Merci for your feedback

1 reply

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Use the folder structure. We have done by especially breaking out the view tables into two categories. sql_tables and derived_tables.

Scaling wise, make sure to understand/organize plan for the structure of your models. Because of legacy, we were using one model to host all of our explores. Which in hind-sight was going to be a mess as we grew because then you have this long list of explores the front end user sees and can get lost in.

We started using github to enable for when someone makes a change on lookml, so there’s always other people looking at your code to make sure it is in standardize format that we like. (everything has a description, etc. each derive table we label as who created it and what date and the purpose of it).

These are the top things I thought of in my head that we rolled out later on, but wish we did in the beginning.