I want to sets of drill fields for a measure

  • 17 December 2020
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I have many dashboards built of one Explore. Most of the dashboards have a set of drill fields for the measures that are appropriate for the dashboards. I have one dashboard that has a requirement of different drill fields. I have tried creating Link with the drill fields I want and using url to drill to that Link. But the issue is that when I use the url and try do liquid filters it does not work because I want the same liquid url to work on all the tiles and I can't make the filters liquid enough to work.


Example: I have a tile that is “products sold by order date” and then I have another tile that is “products sold by ship date”. If I click on the pivoted value of “product = Shoes” and “order date = 2020-10-12” then the drill to the look will filter on “product = Shoes” and “order date = 2020-10-12” AND “ship date = 2020-10-12”. Which in this case I would want ship date to be any time. But I still want that filter in the url because if I click on the “by ship date” pane I want that filter and not the “order date” filter. 


The short request is that I need to be able to have the option to choose which set I want to look at in the drill down menu. If the only way to do that is by using urls then I need to be able to have multiple filters in the url but have the url only use the filters that are in the drill down query. 

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