How to hide view label/group label from drill fields when display to the user

  • 8 March 2017
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Hi, Right now whenever I add drill_fileds to dimensions, it will display view_label.label. Is it possible to just display label without view_label, like what we have in table visulization to hide view reference?

9 replies

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Hey @kshah7, we currently don’t have a way of customizing the column names in the drill modal but I can let our product team know you’d like to have that feature!

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Hi Paola, thanks for letting product team know about the request. What is the update or expected implementation for this in next releases?

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Hey @kshah7, we don’t currently have an update or timeline for this request but it is something that our product team is aware of. Thanks for checking in!

I have been able to achieve what you want to do using information in the following link More Powerful Data Drilling and setting show_view_names property to false.

Has this feature ever been implemented? Trying to do the same thing

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For standard drills this has not been changed, as we do not have the view names/field picker on the left to designate the source for the fields. The workaround given above by @Addax has been implemented in situations where a custom drill is needed without view names More Powerful Data Drilling.

This is definitely something we’re still interested in. We don’t really want our base data source name exposed and this looks really messy to our customers. Our drills are too prevalent and generic to make the custom drill solution viable.

We also would like to see this become a feature as we have customer facing dashboards with drilldowns and not only can it be confusing to have different measure names in the drilldown than what we display in our dashboards, it is unclean and sloppy looking.

We’d also like to enforce our own color schemes in drilldowns so they too match the pallet choices we’re using in our dashboards.

We’re having the same issue at my job and by reading this, I don’t understand why its been 5 years and nothing on this matter has been done… On our end, we’re having views with different objects that we split using view_label and shorten their names using label. But, when it comes to drill_fields, it use only the labels and it then shows duplicated fields name. Options should be given on the visualization of drill_fields…


I’ll look into the liquid solution, but I already find it time consuming to apply such a solution on every measures of every views...