How to create link in a table column and when we click that link it should not make any change in embedded looker dashboard and shouldn't open anew tab in browser

We created one table visualization in Looker and iframe embedded in salesforce.

The requirement is like when we select values from record name column it should open a popup like a link and when we click that link we should be able to get the corresponding record is and  we need to do some other logic using that id in Salesforce.

We have modified that specific dimension from lookml like below. 

dimension: record_name {
    type: string
    sql: ${TABLE}."RECORD_NAME " ;;
    label: "Record Name"
    hidden: no
    link: {
      label: "Open Record"
      url: "filter::q={{record_id}}"

added link in the record_name dimension and modified the url like this. Now if I click record name from dashboard using ‘drillmenu:click’ JS event I am able to fetch url data and remove the prefix (“filter::q=”) and will get the corresponding record id. and able to do the JS logic using that id. But the issue is like when we click that link it is opening a new blank page also getting error ‘Failed to launch 'filter::q=a5I4x000000vxtwEAA' because the scheme does not have a registered handler.’ in console.

How to restrict looker links in iframe to open this new blank tab in the browser. We just need to fetch the corresponding value using JS events and there should be no change in the iframe content or should not open new tabs.

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