How to Create Dynamic Dimension Filter

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New to dynamic dimensions and measures and am having trouble solving my problem after following the other guides. I have 2 dimensions. One is a trending date series, the other is a static date. The static date represents the date a car was purchased. For every car, it trends over the date series until it is pulled out of commission.

I have a measure that shows cars mileage every month. I want to be able to use “car purchase date” as a dimension and “avg mileage” as a measure to show the average mileage for cars purchased on each date.

I can easily accomplish this on the front-end by applying a custom filter of: “trending_date” = “car_purchase_date”. However, I’d like to make it easily filterable.


What I’m hoping can be accomplished is to have a filter only field where the user can select whether or not they want the trending date series to be left alone or equal  “car_purchase_date” (essentially having the same impact as the custom filter)

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