How Does Push To Developer Branch Work

  • 12 May 2016
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For information on using Git with Looker, see this page in our documentation.

Can Somebody Explain in Git terms exactly what exactly “Push To Developer Branch” does?

Is it possible to push the develoer branch to another looker account/user?

6 replies

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Can you explain how clients typically integrate Pull Requests into this flow? Or put another way, is there a way to have a shared “Development Mode,” so that a QA team can verify LookML changes against say a development database connection, prior to pushing to the production git branch that our clients access?



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Hi @Jay_Stricks - this article talks about setting up Pull Requests in Looker : RETIRED: How to Set Up Git with Pull Requests

As for a shared development mode, the only way to do that would be to set up a dummy account that all the developers could access. Of course, this would require allowing those devs the permission to sudo into that user. I’ll certainly let our product team know you’d like this; in the meantime let us know how Pull Requests work for you!

@sam I read that link quickly and I didn’t see a piece that we have to do at Knewton. We have to call a special URL on the looker box after the merge of the Pull Request has happened. We do not have the “force pull” or “recommend pull request” options checked, so I don’t know if that makes a difference and turns Looker into a polling github master fork/branch changes mode?

TLDR is that we have to force looker to update itself after a merged PR on github.

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@Rex There’s a piece in there about setting the webhook on Github itself - to my knowledge that allows you to not need to use the special deploy URL.

@Jay_Stricks You might also consider using a development server. That way, you have an entire instance for which “production” is a development environment, and then you can push code from there to your production environment when you’re ready for customers to see it. More on that here: Setting up development/QA/staging instances

Hey Sam –

We’re also looking to develop a more robust QA process company-wide. We’re finding that there is a tradeoff between enabling peer testing of code (not just code review in git) and having a touchless deployment process. We strongly echo the request for a shared development mode to allow for the most secure testing/development process possible. Has any progress been made on this front? Do you have any further solutions to account for this need?



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Hi @nschuchman - the recommended way to do this at the moment is via a developement server, as I mentioned above.

I can let product know of your desire here!