how do i show dimension descriptions with codes

Hi all,

I’m a newbie with LookML, and this are basic questions about lookup values.  I am someone who learns best by examples (and not generalized instruction), so if someone can tell me where to put code to accomplish these things, and give an example of what that code would actually look like, it would be so helpful to me!  

1)  I have suggestions turned on for one of my dimension fields that contains all of the possible code values.  It is a relationship to the subscriber field (EE=Employee, SP=Spouse).  There are 15 different codes, and most of them are not easy to know what type of relationship they are just using the code.

When a user is using a filter on that field in their look, is there a way to have the suggestions display both the code and the code’s description in the drop down box?

2) We have many dimension fields that use codes that are hard to understand.  How can we set up lookup tables that will allow a user to pull that field into their look, and to display the code and description for their report?

Thanks so much for your help!


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