How do I give a user access to a specific explore?

  • 12 September 2022
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So I am a LookML developer and Im not that good yet with access. We have a lot of different explores which are generally not available to the users. Now I get the question if I can give one specific user access to two explores.


As far as I know the user first needs to be able to see explores. So I have to give him a permission set that allows him to see explores. Problem with that is that this user can now see all explores.


Is it best practice that I now need to give access grants to every explore and the two explores the user needs access to a different access grant that matches with a certain user attribute for this user?

2 replies

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A user has one or many roles, a role is a combination of permissions+models.

So a user/group could have:

view access for modelA

explore access to modelB

dev Access to modelC.

I’d think that this is not possible, only if you have the explore in a separate model.

But I have an idea that I also will try to implement in my instance. Maybe with liquid parameters you could use the parameter “hidden: yes” for specific roles. This could be done with the sentence “_user_attributes['NAME_OF_YOUR_GROUP']”.


You should have in mind that the user will still be able to acces to other explores by URL, but at least the explore will be hidden in the menu ;)