Have database "config" data applied to LookML?

  • 23 October 2017
  • 3 replies

Hi, I wondered if it was possible to use values stored in a database, and dynamically substitute it into the LookML? One example might be if I had a table in the database to store the preferred colour palette - the LookML might say this in dashboard:

- 'palette: Santa Cruz'

But I want to read from the database this value, as I may want to change it to be “Mixed Dark” (as an example). I could create this as a LookML view, but I’m not sure if I can “inject” this value - what I’d want is:

- [This value is read from a LookML view]

Anyone have any ideas/experience of this?



3 replies

Understood. I will pass this along to product. Thanks Rob!

Thanks Sami, just to be clear - it’s not just colours. I may want to substitute in a chart axes title, or “show data labels, yes/no” value, etc., so that any value in the LookML is able to be replaced with a value that can be read from a database/another LookML view, etc.

Hi Rob,

Right now there is not a way to call field values in LookML related to colors stored in the database. I will let the product team know you are interested in this feature. Any additional feedback on your use case is welcome!