Grouping Fields Within Views (3.44+)

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@bgig I think that Looker will expand a list only if you’ve selected a field within it. Otherwise, the list should be closed by default. I don’t think it’s possible to modify either of these behaviors.

Is there a way to present a group as collapsed initially? Even if I collapse and save a Look, it seems to automatically expand, which to some degree defeats the purpose of grouping for ease of viewing/use.

+1 to multilevel grouping

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+1 to @tuple’s request of multilevel grouping. A use case for us is to have a time dimension group within another dimension group. e.g. in your example above, ‘Shipping Info’ would be the first level, with shipping time/date/etc. as a time group within the ‘Shipping Info’ group.

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Hi Brett –

Yes, I need two (or even more!) levels of organization within the same view. I have already done the naming trick, but I don’t want to change field names too much because I want users to be able to understand something of the underlying data in Redshift. Also, I have hundreds of fields so even within a label group the sheer number of fields can overwhelm the user without the ability to have sub-groups.



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@tuple In the example you gave, you only had 2 levels of organization. If that’s all you need, you could use view_label for the first 1st level of grouping and group_label for the 2nd level of grouping. But, if you want 2 levels of organization within the same view (for a total of 3 levels), then there isn’t really a way to do that currently as @nbeyer said. I suppose you could use label to name things with the same beginning so they would appear together when Looker did its alphabetic sort.

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Thanks, Nicole. Much appreciated. I’d be glad to demo in more detail what I am trying to do if it would be helpful.

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Hey @tuple!

This is not currently possible but I have passed the idea along to product/engineering for you!

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Is there any way to do multi-level group label nesting?

I have some pretty large and complex datasets, and I’d like to be able to do something like

  • Master Group

    • Sums

      • Sum Field 1

      • Sum Field 2

    • Percentages

      • Percentage Field 1

      • Percentage Field 2

This is awesome. Thanks y’all.