Grouping Fields Within Views (3.44+)

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+1 to multilevel grouping

Jumping on this as well - +1 to multilevel grouping

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Thanks @chobbs I’ve passed your +1 to the product team!

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Bump! The feature request thread to add dimension groups underneath group labels is here. That’s a subset of this request, but it would be a great start. Go vote! I’ll send you an invisible internet hug. You might also be interested in this request to allow ordering of field picker list items, including groups.

+1 to @tuple’s request of multilevel grouping. A use case for us is to have a time dimension group within another dimension group. e.g. in your example above, ‘Shipping Info’ would be the first level, with shipping time/date/etc. as a time group within the ‘Shipping Info’ group.

Anyone knows if we have this feature yet? I’m encountering the exact same situation like this with a time dimension under a group

+1 to this request! Would be extremely helpful for unlimited levels of nesting to group related topics

+1, it looks like this is the ticket to vote on:

+1 to this request

+1 to multilevel grouping, PLEASE!

Adding my +1 to multilevel grouping

+1 to multilevel grouping