Filters DO NOT always perform time zone conversion

  • 30 December 2020
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When I created a NDT and specified bind_all_filters: yes, the filter from the explore did get passed through, however the normal timezone conversion usually happening with filters do not happen and cause some troubles.

My view file:

view: find_date_number {
derived_table: {
explore_source: order {
bind_all_filters: yes
column: current_date_number_445_end { field: calendar_convert_445.current_date_number_445_end }
column: current_date_number_445_start { field: calendar_convert_445.current_date_number_445_start }
dimension: current_date_number_445_end {
type: number
dimension: current_date_number_445_start {
type: number

This is how it showed. The top box shows that the date put in the filters did not get converted for the NDT, the second box is the usual behavior

Does anyone know how to get around this?


Thank you!

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