Filtering a variable based on a custom filter

  • 17 January 2023
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Hello, everyone,


I want to create a user-input filter (with some predefined values) and then use that input to filter my dashboard by filtering a variable called ‘campaign_name’ like in SQL would be ‘WHERE campaign_name LIKE ‘%001%’. 

For a little bit of context:

  • In my campaigns we have some numbers in the naming of the campaign that corresponds to a specific product category (ex: 000: all products ; 01s - smartphones; 01l - laptops; etc) across all advertisement platforms like google ads and meta ads;
  • I have already created on my view a filter where users would be able to select the product category that they would like to filter and associate to a specific value


  • But now my question is - how do I use that ‘value’ parameter to filter the campaign_name variable?

    Thank you!

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