• 23 February 2021
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Hello i have 2 views and each view has a date field but i want to use a single date field to filter the measures of the 2 views together. I have made the join of the 2 views in my model and here is my code but the filter does not act on the foreign to filter the measures of one view from the date field of another view.


measure: sum_total_ht {
type: sum
value_format_name: decimal_0
sql: CASE
WHEN {% condition date_filter %} CAST(${date_sales_date} AS TIMESTAMP) {% endcondition %}
THEN ${derived_table_sales.total_ht}
END ;;


3 replies

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@tatuspark  is this the same as this topic: 



@Dawid_Nawrot  yes, I explained again. I'm stuck on my project, if you can unblock me


is it possible to do it on looker a filter on a date field to filter the measures of a foreign view ??????

thanks to your answer