File saving bug

  • 26 September 2016
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Ever since the Looker release where the Lookml dev files are on the left side of the screen, and you can toggle between lookml files without reloading the whole page, I have had the following intermittent bug occur: One lookml file is trying to save, but I toggle to a new lookml file on the same screen. The initial lookml file I was on is then fully replaced by the 2nd lookml file I had clicked on.

Today, one of my view files was replaced by a model file (as if my model file was copy-pasted into the view file), which caused all kinds of errors. I ended up going into my git looker project and finding an old version of the file to replace it, which caused me to lose my work.

Is this a known bug, or has anyone else experienced, and is it being worked on? Unfortunately it is very hard to reproduce.

2 replies

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Hello @Erin_Breen,

This was a known issue in Looker v3.54 and patched but since you just encountered this, I’ll notify our engineering team.



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thanks @vincent