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  • 25 April 2017
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In my current setup, there is a development environment/machine and a production environment/machine which are at two different urls since my company wants our client to have their own site for access (it’s a contractual complication). So the result is that I have to make changes in development, commit (git), merge request, pull from production, and then login to the production machine, pull from production, and then deploy to production in order to fully transfer changes from the development environment to production.

I’ve encountered an issue that I or my tech rep have no idea how to resolve. I have a many to one merge of a smaller dataset onto a large forecast dataset. All of the fields that I identified to show up in the large dataset from the merged small dataset are showing up and working fine. However, once I deploy the changes to the production environment, some of the measures from the join are not showing up when I Explore the table. When I look at the LookML code of the join, the fields are there and the code is exactly identical to the development environment, except when I go Explore, the measures aren’t there. One of the recently added dimensions are, along with the rest of the fields from prior updates. It’s just this one where the new measures I added in the most recent set of changes (basically all in a single commit) that aren’t there.

In short, why would some measures from a recent git commit (and dimensions? not sure if only exclusive to measures) not be showing in the production environment even though they are in the development environment working as they should and the code is consistent between both environments, as well as in the files in git.

We have had an issue where our ssl cert expired without us knowing and my tech rep had to restore a prior image from his backup server to put our development back online and this caused a lag in versions for Looker. The dev machine is running a few dot releases prior to the production.

Thank you! Sorry for the hasty typing! Feel free to ask questions for clarification.

3 replies

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Hi @jimRL ,

It sounds like one or both of the view files involved in your new join could be missing a primary key.

Looker generally won’t bring aggregate measures through joins due to potential fanning out of the data. However, if both view files have a primary key defined, then Looker is able to recognize the fanout and bring the measures through correctly. You can read about this behavior in more depth here.

I would double check that all your view files have a primary key defined. Let us know if that resolves it.

I’ve read this and made sure both views being merged have primary keys. If a view is being merged onto the view that is being merged doesn’t have a primary key would that matter?

Also, the merge works perfectly in our development environment. The merge goes through, all of the fields show up, all of the calculations, sums, averages, counts all check out. It’s just when I look at the production environment, they don’t show up in any Explore

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I’m not exactly sure what you mean here when you say “If a view is being merged onto the view that is being merged”. Would you mind sending an email to with further details of your model? We’ll be happy to take a deeper look at what’s going on.