Field Sets Extended with Explores?

  • 17 August 2020
  • 2 replies

I’m working on some development that is attempting to be as DRY as possible. I’ve set up a series of ‘base’ views and explores that are using field sets within the ‘fields’ parameter to filter the appropriate fields per explore, and then extending those explore files into another project and model. I don’t need troubleshooting necessarily, but I want to make sure the functionality operates how I assume it does:

  • my assumption is that if a ‘base explore’ uses ‘fields’, that same ‘fields’ logic would be applied if I extended that explore elsewhere, without having to explicitly call that parameter in the ‘extending’ explore.

Am I correct in that assumption? It applies to joins, where a ‘base’ explore and it’s joins all come through in the ‘extending’ explore, so I would imagine this is also the case with ‘fields’ and other parameters…

2 replies

Your assumption is correct! If you do not provide new and/or contradictory parameters in the extending Explore, it inherits the same parameters as the extended Explore.

Here’s a link to the documentation for the extends: Explore parameter. The link should take you to a specific header within the documentation page that provides an example where the extending Explore specifies a fields: parameter to specify that only the listed fields are exposed in the new Explore.

Wonderful, thanks Ben! So that narrows it down to me just doing it wrong ha. I do believe there’s an opportunity to go back and fully scope the fields and field sets in the extended explore.