Fetch looks_id and required fields

  • 16 May 2018
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Hi Looker Team,

I am using REST API to fetch the looks_data. I am able to fetch the required looks data using the following query.


[{'view.client_host': 'f12823','view.dae': 'asdf','view.display_terminal': '/dev/tty','view.used_on_time': '2018-05-16 08:45:00','servers.port_at_host': '1881'},
{'view.client_host': 'f0283','view.dae': 'pqr','view.display_terminal': '/dev/tty','view.used_on_time': '2018-05-16 09:45:00','servers.port_at_host': '1881'}]

with this I am getting proper json but now I want to fetch particular fields information, But I am not getting particular information instead, I am getting meta infomration.

Now consider I want only view.client_host = f12823

To fetch the fields of looks I am using following query:


But this is not working as expected.

Please let me know how to apply filters on looks?

1 reply

Thanks for your request Abhijeet, I am following up with you by email, asking for more information.