Extending multiple explores at the same time

  • 3 August 2021
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I haven’t been able to find an example of this? The documentation only seems to say it is possible, but doesn’t show any joins to explain it.

5 replies

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I’m not sure it works.

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Probably best to remove this from the documentation.

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You can extend several explores, you will need to use a view_name parameter in your extended explore and a join. It will look like this:

Explore A {}

Explore B {}

Explore C {
extends: [A, B]
view_name: A
join: B {}

Hi Olga,

I have tried your method to extend explores and I get these errors:

>Unknown view "name_of_explore_a"

>Join name must match a view name, or the join must provide a 'from:'

Could you please give more details or documentation about this method?

Thanks a lot,


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Sure, you can take a look at this documentation


The errors point us to the fact that the name of the explore (and the join)  you are using does not match the view which should be used for this explore and this join. 

In this case we should use additional syntax, like 

explore: explore_a_name {

extends: [explore a, explore b]

view_name: view_A_name

from: view_A_name

join: explore_b_name {

from: view_B_name

sql_on: ……. etc}