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  • 24 September 2021
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Hi, is it possible to create a dynamic iron_url?

I’m using the link parameter and for the icon_url I wanted to create a conditional statement.

For example: Let’s say that sources are social medias.

If ${sources} = A, then bring the icon from A, else if ${sources} = B, then bring the icon from B.

My first idea was defining a dimension using HTML parameter using liquid conditional statements and then referencing it in the icon_url, but it didn’t work.





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Hey Vinicius, very cool use case to have a dynamic icon_url! 

You can use liquid variables in the icon_url parameter to achieve this, namely a liquid {% if %} evaluator and ._value. 

For example: 

"{% if order_items.status._value == 'Complete' %}
{% else %}
{% endif %}"

This will display Looker’s logo when order_items.status = Complete, and Google’s logo otherwise.