Dynamic field selector when we don't know the number of fields

  • 13 October 2021
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Hi community! 


I have a bit of a tricky case. We want to give the users the option to select with a parameter what measure to display, the measures are populated within the view automatically but we do not know how many fields/measures there will be to chose from an we do not know beforehand their full name, only the prefix. 


My idea was to use sets and parameters to solve this but I quickly understood that you can’t make dynamic sets (i.e. saying to put all fields named prefix* in a set), and I also could see that you in parameters need to state every single possibility and that you can’t put in dynamic names. 


It’s a bit hard to explain the case so please let me know if you need more info but to sum it up. How do we create a dynamic measures picker when we don’t know how many measures (fields) there will be to choose from and we do not know their exact name. Maybe it is not possible but if anyone has any ideas they are greatly appreciated.


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1 reply

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Only useful if you curate dashboards to cover the use case: Something I have done is to create a derived table containing your list of measures. Expose this as a table in your dashboard and turn on cross filtering, have your dynamic measure use the filtered (selected via cross filtering) measure value.