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  • 21 June 2019
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As shown in below image, I want to change ‘Count(need to change Dynamically)’ column dynamically with respect above filter i.e. duration>100. Filter just need to get apply on 3rd column. eg. Overall Count will show over all count of duration in ‘19/06/2019’ and ‘Count(need to change Dynamically)’ will show count which has duration>100 in ‘19/06/2019’.

I tried with following templated filter but it’s not working:

  1. Overall Count

    dimension: count {

    type: number

    sql: ${TABLE}.“count” ;;


  2. Count(need to change Dynamically)

    dimension: duration_count {

    type: number

    sql: case when ${total_duration} = ‘{% parameter duration %}’

    THEN ${count}

    ELSE null

    END ;;


  3. ‘Duration’ Filter

    filter: duration {

    type: string


  4. Actual Total Duration

    dimension: total_duration {

    type: number

    sql: ${TABLE}.“total_duration” ;;



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