Dynamic dates based on Completed period and period to date

  • 22 November 2022
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Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has set up / knows how to do dynamic dates that are able to filter for 

  1. day
  2. last 7 days
  3. month to date
  4. last complete month
  5. quarter to date
  6. last complete quarter
  7. year to date
  8. last complete year

This would be greatly appreciated! I know how to set up dynamic dates for the general date grouping Looker provides but not for this specific case.

If you know how to get this to work for period on period that would be amazing too!



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2 replies

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What’s so special about your specific case? All the points you specified can be selected in the date filter?

What are you suggesting to use? There are obviously options for day, week, month etc but how do you distinguish between month to date and last complete month? Ie. as of today month to date would be 1-22 Nov and last complete month would be the month of October