Drill Through To Dashboard Or Look

  • 8 September 2016
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Trying to figure out how to drill through to a dashboard or a look (ideally a look). I couldn’t get my look to work at all. I was able to semi get it to drill through to a dashboard though using this code. I can’t figure out how to pass the parameter warehouse_id through though. I hardcoded JFK7, but ideally it would be based on the dimension warehouse_id

a href="/dashboards/294?warehouse_id=JFK7">{{ value }}

Ideally something like

a href="/dashboards/294?warehouse_id=warehouse_id">{{ value }}

4 replies

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Awesome that worked! Thanks!!

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Hey Joseph! You’re on the right track again, assuming that the value of the warehouse ID is in the current View (or joined in the Explore), you can do something like this:

a href="/dashboards/294?warehouse_id={{ warehouse_id._value }}">{{ value }}

Generally, the format for this kind of thing is `view_name.field_name._value`. You can find more patterns like this on our documents here: [Liquid HTML](
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You should be able to use the required_fields parameter to include the data in the query without displaying it. You can find some documentation and an example here:

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Thanks! I was able to get it working based off that.

One follow up question, the only way I could get it to work is if the field is included in the actual data tab. I was hoping to just keep the date in the filter and not display it in the dataset. I can hide it in visualizations, but I am trying to send this out using the inline tables format email and since that uses the data tab those dates are still showing up. Is there a way to have it work without that column needing to be included in the data tab?