Displaying Latitude and Longitude values in Looker studio

  • 31 October 2022
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What is the best way to represent Geo data in visualization. I have around 1 million rows Latitude and Longitudes 

3 replies

Hi Venky,


Thank you for dropping your question here.

Please note that this community is for Looker and we assist with technical queries and knowledge drops related to the Looker product.

All other Google Cloud Product Issues are handled through the Cloud Support Console

Having read through your post, it seems your issue is related to Looker Studio (formerly known as Data studio). If you are a Looker Studio Pro customer, you can raise a case with Cloud Support via the console.

To create a Cloud Support case:

  • Sign in to the Cloud Support Console page as a support user.

  • Select the project for which you'd like to open a support case.

  • Open Cases. - Click Create case.

  • Complete the required fields and submit the form.


Please note, support is only available for Looker Studio Pro customers. If you wish to upgrade to Looker Studio Pro, you can do so by contacting sales here:

Otherwise, you can use the Looker Studio Help Center which contains How-To articles and a community Q&A:

You might also find useful the following resources:


We appreciate your understanding.


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It was to be expected that people would come here with questions about Data Studio the moment you guys changed the name and put it under the Looker brand, wasn’t it?

Hi Dawid, thank you for your comment.

We are currently working on Looker Community category structure and should be able to share the details soon!