dimension_groups inside of group_labels get auto-expanded

  • 7 January 2022
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Hi, if I have a dimension_group (time) defined, and I apply the ‘group_label’ parameter to group it with other similar dimensions, it looks like the dimension_group is no longer nested properly.

So, if I create the following dimension:


dimension_group: created_at {

    type: time

    sql: ${TABLE}.created_at ;;

    timeframes: [date, week, month]

    group_label: “Order Timestamps”



Without the group_label, this dimension_group would show nested under ‘Created At’. However, as it’s written above, it will auto expand under the ‘Order Timestamps’ label as: ‘Created At Date’, ‘Created At Week’, and ‘Created At Month’. Does anyone know if it’s possible to keep it nested to that users would need to click to expand the group_label as well as the dimension_group? 



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