Difference between Save and Commit

  • 14 March 2023
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I believe hitting the Commit button commits your code to your personal branch.

But you go around hitting the Save button all the time as you make code changes. Where is this saving to, as you do see the results when running Looker in Dev mode, and can come out of the Looker dev environment and go back in?


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It’s Looker internal development environment that gets synchronised with Git when you perform Git-related actions. It’s the same as I work with Looker in my VSCode. I can save files but they have no impact until I commit them. 

That’s because you can work with Looker without Git and it would still work. You could save files without deployment, and not only you wouldn’t lose changes, your development mode would take those files for the front-end.

In other words, when you have Git synchronisation enabled, the commit is a synonym of saving but to a remote place but primarily you have to save it to that environment that’s “local” to Looker..