Deprecation Notice: Leading Capital Letters in Field Names (3.16+)

  • 26 March 2016
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Before Looker 3.16 it was possible to override a field’s view name by starting the field with 3 or more capital letters. As of Looker 3.16 this no longer works, though there are workarounds described below.


Before 3.16, you could override the view name that would appear with a field by starting the field name with 3 or more capital letters. For example, if you used this LookML:

- view: web_orders
- dimension: ORDER_price

You would typically have expected the field to appear as WEB ORDERS Order Price, but in actuality the field would appear as ORDER Price.

As of Looker 3.16, the field would appear as expected.

New Method to Change View Names

The new method to change view names is with the view_label parameter. For example, you could use:

- view: web_orders
- dimension: price
view_label: 'Order'

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