Deployment strategy that involves not breaking existing content

  • 1 August 2022
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Would love to know what deployment strategies are folk using in order to deploy graceful changes.

To give you an example, why this matters, let’s say I have a branch with bunch of code refactor, involving some field identifier changes as well as explore rename etc..


How would you go about deploying this change without nuking half of the existing content and having essentially a downtime for stakeholders until I fix it all via content validator?


From what I gather, there is just one way to do it..

  1. Make changes to a copy of original object e.g. view, explore..
  2. Deploy to production
  3. Use content validator to swap the content to use the copy with all the new changes
  4. Update the original content with all the changes
  5. Deploy to production
  6. Use content validator to swap to the original objects containing the final changes
  7. Remove the object copies
  8. Deploy to production

This is awful.. and I’m looking for a better way around this :(



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