Date dimension group should support filtering for a specific Week, Month, or Year

  • 13 March 2017
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Using dimension_group for dates is convenient, in that you can reference a date column to support date, week, month, etc. The problem comes in when users attempt to filter on anything except “date” in the reporting layer.

When filtering on date, a variety of options can be chosen to include the desired dates. To specify a specifc date, the option “is on the day” can be used. However, when trying to filter on a specific week or month, no such option exists (e.g. “is in the week” or “is in the month”). Adding to the confusion, the option for “is on the day” is still available, which doesn’t apply to week or month.

I would like to have a clear way for my users to select a desired month (e.g. 07-2016) or week. Is this something that can be added as a feature?

4 replies

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Hey @Don,

We do have expressive/powerful conditions available in the advance matches option:

For the week use-case a user could specify the beginning date and then say for 7 days, or for 1 week(for week starting particular day).

Is this something that your users would use?

Thanks! I can use advanced/matches, but most users won’t know what that means (and they won’t know whether the syntax is “September 2016” or “09/2016” or “2016/09”, etc… I like the current calendar date picker that can be used for “is on the day” as it is really intuitive to users. If the same thing could be implemented for month and week, that would be a big value-add. In the meantime, I can instruct users how to select a specific month, but it’s just one more thing for them to learn.

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I’ll definitely pass your feedback along to our product team!

Thank you–much appreciated!