Data drilling "Sorts" not working properly

  • 10 March 2022
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Hi all,

I recently found this resource by @Bryan_Weber for customizing drill down visualization.

While this solved one issue, I can not get the “sorts” feature to work properly.
The example code from the resource:

link: {
label: "Explore Top 20 Results by Sale Price"
url: "{{ link }}&sorts=order_items.sale_price+desc&limit=20"

Here is my code that is not sorting:

link: {
label: "Trying to sort"
url: "{{ link }}&sorts=view_name.dimension_name+desc&limit=100"

I’ve swapped out the actual view and dimension names, but no matter which combination I try on my view file, I can’t get anything to sort.

Does anyone know a fix or is this a broken feature?

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