dashboard filter on date range does not work for other users

  • 10 July 2021
  • 3 replies


I have built a dashboard with a filter on a date range.   I have made it required and I have configured default values.

My date filter - this works fine for me when I run the dashboard.


This works fine for me.

However, whenever another user, uses my dashboard, the date range always just defaults to today’s date, plus the date picker does function properly  (it will only show May-Aug, and it won’t let the user actually pick a new date range).

Date Filter as appears to another user 


I do not have any filter logic in my model.  No always_filter or anything like that.

Is this a bug?   I’m running in GCP.



3 replies

Note - I am not using a timeframes filter control because I will always want to filter on these date, not matter what the real date is.

Sorry I put this question under the wrong topic.  I have reposted in dashboards.

I resolved my issue.    I think it was a combination of some model changes and these other users not being in Development mode.