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  • 10 December 2020
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I just wanted to see if anybody has done something as building a custom application within Looker, similar to the applications that are available in Looker Marketplace (e.g., Digital Marketing Analytics). 


My goal is to create an application (or Dashboard) that has a similar layout so I can customize nice features like the navigation box as shown below. 



Any suggestions would be highly appreciated! ​

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3 replies

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Hey @hwimoon,


Are you familiar with our extension framework by chance? This was created to allow developers to create applications within Looker. I personally like this example and walkthrough. You can leverage the API with these applications and React Components for styling. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.




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Hi @Eric_Lyons ,


Thanks for your response! I have been trying to learn Typescript/React on my own so I can come up with more customized solutions for our company. However, the codes are not easy to understand, especially when I do not have any experience with Javascript. 


My goal is to set up something like below (including the stock movement) - would you be able to share an example code that would mimic what it’s being done in this screenshot? Please let me know! 





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@Eric_Lyons  @izzy 

Hi Izzy, I know you are very active within the community so I will tag you in case if you have any suggestions…. Thanks in advance!


So I’ve been diving deep into the Extension Famework, mainly leveraging the KitchenSink example. Intuitively, I thought changing the “dashboardId” property within the KitchenSink.tsx would embed the corresponding dashboard to the “Embedded Dashboard” section of the application. However, the app is not displaying anything as shown in the screenshot, and I am having trouble figuring out why is so. Do any of you, by any chance, know why this would be happening? Please let me know!!