Creating schedules return not helpful error message: Uh oh! Something went wrong.

  • 9 April 2020
  • 5 replies

In trying to create many schedules (20 so far) from a Look, it is often that I get the ‘Uh oh! Something went wrong.’

error when saving, even when saving one at a time. Error occurrence is more frequent now, but I am able to get it to work after a few tries each time. There is no further information on it to know how to fix it. The error comes up whether I’m creating from a new or a duplicate schedule, and updating as well. When trying to duplicate a schedule, I just want to change one of the filter values.

Let me know how I could find out what it is complaining about.

This PUT url is returning a 500 error, 1. Request URL:

Thanks for any help.

5 replies

Is there any limits on how many schedules per Look?

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Huh, I don’t think there should be a limit on schedules per look. How many schedules do you have?

The answer to why it’s actually erroring will lie in the looker logs. It looks like you are self hosted, so either you or your Looker admin should download the logs and get in touch with support ( or chat) to have them dive into the logs.

I’ve 20 schedules on one Look now, but I remembered it was acting up after 6 schedules. I’ll check with my admin to follow up.


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