Creating a dynamic URL that links to different dashboard

  • 9 July 2022
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I’m trying to link two dashboards together because it seems like looker doesn’t support dashboards having separate tabs like tableau. 

So, one dashboard reports on a summary level, the other reports on a granular level. Ideally what the experience would look like is

  1. User goes into the summary dashboard and applies all of the necessary filters they need
  2. Clicks a button that has a hyperlink that leads them to the granular dashboard with all of the filters from the summary level

I can’t seem to properly configure the URL for the granular dashboard to be dynamic 


Here’s what the sudo code would be like{{}}

So if user were to select retailer = ‘Kroger’ in the filter on the summary dashboard and then once they click over into the granular dashboard retailer = ‘Kroger’ 

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2 replies

I’m trying to do something similar, but make the use of filters in the link dynamic (honestly, drill links in Looker are unreasonably restrictive), so that the same field from the same view can be used on multiple dashboards, and link to the appropriate other dashboards as defined by me - rather than the rigidity Looker prefers.

I want to do something like this:


dimension: team {
link: {
label: "View by Agent"
url: "/dashboards/{% parameter dashboard_to_link_to %}?Date={{ _filters[{% parameter date_dimension_for_filters %}] | url_encode }}&Team={{ value | url_encode }}"


This dimension needs to be included on multiple different dashboards, and depending on the context of the “team level” dashboard, depends on which “agent level” dashboard I want to drill to. The Lab feature “Dashboards in Drill Menus” is no good, as it seems to fail to line-up filters and pass the values through.

Passing the parameter dashboard_to_link_to (which is a number) is no problem. I can happily set this parameter at a dashboard level, and it makes the link dynamic. The “Team” filter is also no problem, that reliable adopts the value of the item clicked on. 

My issue is trying to make the “Date” filter dynamic, as not every dashboard will be filtered on the same date dimension from the same view. I think what I want is another parameter, containing a string (or an unquoted string), to pass into the _filters[] variable. I’ll then, on a per dashboard basis, give this a value representing the dimension name being used as the filter in that dashboard; “view.create_date”, say.

The above gives me a “token recognition” error - it seems unhappy about nesting a {%%} inside a {{}} (or possibly inside the [ ]). I haven’t yet been able to find any combination of tokens or value references that works, or find another way to concatenate the url I want together.

I say all of this is what I want to do, but in truth what I really want to do is just click on a dimension in my visualisation, pick a dashboard from a list, map filters and dimensions from the source dashboard to filters and dimensions on the target dashboard, and click a “save” button. Like MS Reporting Services managed to do 15 years ago. Not sure how it’s 2022 with BI solutions that can’t easily customise drill links, but here we are.

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Hey David,

have a look at:


You should be able to use Liquid with the _filter value similiar to this:
url: "{{ _filters[''] | url_encode }}"


Hope this helps! :)

Further note - you found correctly - Looker currently does not have Tabs like Tableau has - Single Page Infinite Scroll, Linked Dashboards and DrillDowns are the Looker Way of exploring the data :)

If you are adventurous and don’t mind smaller bugs in testing-experience have a look at the Experimental Labs Feature “Dashboards in Drill Menus”, this will find Dashboards with the same filters matching your content. So when you have measures in an explore and click on them, besides the Drill-Options will be Dashboards listed where you then can filter on the selected values :)