Creating a % change measure on pivoted data - without a date range

  • 19 October 2015
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Hey All,

I’m looking to re-create my calculated field ("% change" - pictured below) as a measure - so that I can pull only that measure into a report, without pulling in the other fields that it is calculating from.

Here is the calculated field definition:

And here is the Lookml for my “Weeks since release” dimension, that I am pivoting on:

The challenge here is that there is no objective “last week” or “last month” range to partition this data on. The release date/sale start dates for various products are converted to integers, so that we can compare multiple products with different release dates against their week-on-week sales.

Thanks Discourse!

2 replies

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You can use a table visualization in your dashboard and hide the column.

Hey Lloyd, I appreciate the response here! However I should’ve been more specific as to what I’m looking for. The user would like to be able to download the raw data from Looker, in this format.