Configure the "Run Test" button to do the equivalent of "Run LookML Test"

  • 12 December 2022
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Hi there,

We have Require data tests to pass before deploying this project to production set as true because we would like contributors to run test files before merging to production. However,  once a project gets very large it can become extremely time consuming to run ALL tests for every contribution. We want to set a schedule to run all the project tests at least once a day to catch any fails, but we were hoping there was a way to effectively change the Run Test button to the Run LookML Test (make 1 in image behave as 3 in image)? This would force contributors to run tests on the work they are about to merge to production and remove the excessive wait time of running ALL tests every time.
We understand the risks of merging to production without ensuring that all tests have passed but currently the time wasted waiting for test completion outweighs the risk of potential errors and we certainly do not want to remove test enforcement completely.
Any thoughts will be much appreciated.


2 replies

I had the same issue and solved it by running Spectacles (Assert validation) once a day with GitHub Actions.


Sorry in Japanese:


Thanks, we will look into Spectacles for our solution.