Co2 Emissions Target and Possible paths calculation

  • 1 December 2022
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Hello Good Lookers,


We have a requirement at my work and could not think of a solution.

We are analyzing data on Co2 emissions from factories on a daily/monthly level. We need a visual where we can set the target emissions in the future and the possible path on how to get there.


I was thinking around parameters/templated filters to get the target. How do we go about finding the possible ways to get there? 



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3 replies

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Okay, parameter might be a bit more complicated. What results are you after and what have you done so far?

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Hi Dawid,


We are thinking of using parameter which users can set as a target. The target would be a value in the future eg a year from now. The breakdown would be on a monthly basis to reach that target

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How do you set your targets? Ideally it would be a separate table that you can connect in Looker so that you can visualise it as a separate series and use it for calculations (like amount left to target etc.)