Change looker Default time zone to EST

  • 17 February 2021
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I am looking to add a filter on date: Idea is to get real time orders from order table  (local time is EST)


My column is a date column in EST time zone whereas looker is in UTC. Is it possible to convert  looker default time zone to EST since I want in EST 

10 replies

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Do you see an option in the top right of your explore (next to Run button) to select a timezone? 

If so, you can change it to EST there.  If not, you can ask your Looker Admin to review these timezone options and determine which settings are best for your company. If you have multiple users in your company who need to see data for their own timezones, admin could enable User Specific Timezones and allow you to set your default timezone to EST (or you can use a dropdown to change the query timezone yourself as with the above example).

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for reaching out. Is this option also applies to looker explore filters for ex. today will be in EST time?


Yes, we have hundreds of users using looker explores but I am looking for looker filter to be applied in EST time zone for my explore


I have a filter on order Date (which is in EST) and I want to filter it by an advanced filter set to “TODAY” option. right now, the issue is today brings in UTC date . I want it to be in EST in my explore


Can you share more details on how to set this at an explore level?

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If you enable the Timezone offset in settings then all your fields will be offset as well unless you stop it by adding a parameter convert_tz: no

Hi Dawid,


Is it possible to set timezone at an explore level? so that filters show date in EST?

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Hi, I don’t believe it’s possible. What do you mean filters show date in EST? Filters are abstract like “last 2 days”, it’s only in the underlaying SQL where the offsetting takes place. Anyway you can only set time zone globally and then allow users to change it in their own settings if need be, not possible in the codebase layer

Yes, but today/yesterday in advanced filters are in UTC right now. I am looking for EST timezone for an explore since my data source for the explore is in EST

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I just checked one of my dimensions. I do have Europe/Madrid time zone switched on:

It looks like even with advanced filters the time zone is applied

Yes, for me this advanced filter shows in UTC timezone whereas I am looking for EST

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Admin → Settings


And then in your connection Settings


Got it. Thank for sharing this. I guess this is limited to data base right.