Cascading filters on LookML dashboards

  • 25 July 2016
  • 2 replies

I have a list of manufacturers and models. When the user filters on manufacturer, I would like the model filter to display only models for the selected manufacturers.

I can do this in user dashboards but I don’t see how to do in LookML dashboards.

2 replies

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Hey Sonny,

Here is the LookML syntax to use for this functionality:

- name: state
title: "State / Region"
listens_to_filters: ["city"]
type: field_filter
explore: users
field: users.state

This is not currently documented but we are working to get this in the docs, thanks for pointing that out!


how does it work filtering down to the next tier?

do i need another tag:

listens_to_filters: [“city”]

listens_to_filters: [“state”]

or will the [] act as an array: listens_to_filters: [“city”, “state”]

What happens on the third tier if i selected a city but not a state then went to filter on the third tier?

I have found when using the above that in the dashboard when i select a city the states filter fine, however if i then remove the city in a bid to filter on all states that my last filter on city prevails and i am presented with only the restricted list not the full list of options (as city hasn’t been specified)