Cannot see LookML dashboards and explores without development mode

  • 9 September 2019
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Hello everyone,

Unfortunately I cannot see any LookML dashboards and explores when I am not in development mode.

In dev mode everything works fine but when I click “Exit dev mode” I can see only user-defined dashboards but not LookML ones.

I checked permissions and seems that everything is ok, there are just default user permissions for Users and it has permission “see_lookml_dashboards”. But I can see them only in dev mode.

At the same time I have on more Looker instance where I can see them and it seems that user permissions there are the same!

The code is ok in Github repo for mater branch, so I think that something is wrong with permissions. Maybe you can advise me where I can find permissions settings for users that are out of dev mode?

Here is the screenshot for explore without dev mode and there is even no tab “LookML dashboards” in that mode.

Thank you very much in advance for the help!


9 replies

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Have you published your dev branch to production/‘master’, yet? That behavior you’re describing is exactly what I’d expect to see before your very first PR to ‘master’ – all the new code sitting in your ‘dev’ branch, while ‘master’ is still completely empty.

Thank you for the answer! The interesting thing is that I publish it to my dev branch and then to production (master branch) every day… Here you can see the screenshot of updated master branch:

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My next question would be “Have you gone directly into, and certified that your ‘master’ branch is actually populated with the current commit code from your ‘dev’ branch?”, but in truth, this is clearly something that’s going to be much more quickly addressed by going directly to Looker Chat support. No matter what’s actually happening, they’re going to be able to look at exactly what’s going on, and either fix it, or tell you what you need to do. (It would be great if you came back here and posted any answers you find, just in case someone else runs into the same thing.)

Thank you! I will ask Looker Chat support.

Currently I have suspicious that this situation happens because the actual ‘master’ branch for Looker in Github is not ‘master’ but other ordinary branch… However, I don’t know how it can be possible.

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I would also try hitting the deploy webhook to make sure that the github master branch is synced up to Looker. If changes are made outside of Looker, it actually won’t pull those untracked changes in until you hit that webhook.

Let us know what you find out!

Thank you for the answer!

As it turned out this issue was because webhook wasn’t added to git repository. Although ‘master’ branch was up-to-date but data just couldn’t be synced because of webhook absense.

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Awesome, glad that worked for you! That can be a really confusing one to figure out sometimes 🙂

I am not able to see my Looker dashboard in dev mode.

I copied the LookML of the User Dashboard and pasted in LookML dashboard and saved it in a folder (say Abhineet) in dev mode. However, when i went to the folder, the LookML dashboard was not present.

Please suggest how we can see the dashboard so we can make changes and see the output.

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Make sure that your model has the correct include parameter like

include: "/dashboards/*.dashboard"


include: "/*.dashboard"