Calculations on whole dashboard using LookML

  • 24 January 2022
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I would like to create a parameter in LookML which  normalises all the metrics on a dashboard when selected. 


So the parameter would have two possible labels: Normalised, or Absolute. When the normalised parameter is selected, all metrics on the dashboard should be divided by number of users. However I am not sure how to write some LookML that would then do what I need.


I understand that the value parameter needs to reference a dimension, but I am unsure of what dimension, because I want the parameter to divide several dimensions


  parameter: metric_type {
    type: number
    allowed_value: {
      label: "Normalized"
      value: "???"
    allowed_value: {
      label: "Absolute"
      value: "??"


Am I going about this the right way?

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