Best way to aggregate already existing view

  • 28 May 2019
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I am trying to create a whole new section of Looker for a specific team. It will use access grant for security and also pull data that the team absolutely needs.

At first I wanted to use extend but realise that I wanted to create a new model instead.

I included few views, one of them is a very big view called orders.view.lkml this contains order level data.

With the new model I don’t really need that and moreover I have another table that can only join on date.

What is the best/preferred way of solving this problem? Do I need to create a new view that is a derived table of my orders view?

1 reply

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If you don’t need order level data, and your queries would run faster if the dataset was pre-aggregated to the level that you do need, then yeah, a persistent derived table based off of your orders view sounds like a great idea here!