Best practice for including different field sets in explore based on user attributes

Imagine you have a lot of fields and you want to customize the end-user experience for each team at your company. 
Let’s say you have identified which dimensions and measures are important for each of these teams and only want each of the teams to see exclusively the fields identified as important for them. 

Anyone had to deal with a similar scenario or has an idea of a good way to deal with this use case?

So far my solution has been :

  1. Create Sets for each team in key views.
  2. Create 1 Access Grant specific for each team based on their user attribute
  3. Create base explore like `Orders` which we added a `hidden : yes` parameter
  4. Create 1 extended explore per team which extends the base explore,
    1. Overwriting the `hidden` parameter to `no`
    2. Adding a `required_access_grants` parameter with the specific team’s access grant
    3. Adding a `fields` parameter which uses the Sets created in step #1 for that specific team

The thing is that this solution has 1 important downside. Looks created by a team cannot be shared to another team… 


Thank you in advance for sharing your ideas & inputs! 

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