Ask Looker initial configuration

  • 7 September 2022
  • 3 replies

Hi Team,

We have installed ask-looker from marketplace and trying to configure it for a POC.

First step after installation is creating a topic. But i couldn't find any resource which explains what it is. Can you guys help us out on ask-looker setup?

3 replies

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It’s in closed beta at the moment but you can install it via marketplace (silly). If you were in the preview I guess they share with you docs.

Hi IanT,

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately, We were not in the preview group. But we would really like to try it out and give you our feedback as we have a very good business need for that in our company. 

Can you direct me to where i can possible request for the same? 

Also, any idea when this will launch for enterprise licence customers?

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Go on support chat and ask to be on it.