Aragonite - LookML validation issue

  • 16 June 2022
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Developing in project on release 22.8.32 with Legacy LookML enabled (Aragonite setting).  When team member switched setting to default (Aragonite enabled), developers in project were no longer able to validate LookML, getting error below.  

Errors out of date. Click the test button to validate your most recently saved LookML.

Changing setting back to non-default/Legacy enabled.  Error went away.  Concerned about what will happen when the ability to enable Legacy is deprecated in future release.

Any guidance?

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6 replies

Hi skpadgett


Thanks for posting this. This is Mukul and I am a TSE at Google (Looker DCL support). This is a known issue and the same is been reported to engineering team. 

Rest assured engineering is working on it and will get back with a fix very soon.

Best, Mukul

Hi All.


We are also experimenting the same issue, and since: “This feature will be permanently removed upon upgrade to Looker 22.20, which becomes available about 3 months from now. (November 2022)”; I wanted to ask? is any update related to this ?.



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We’ve run into this issue upon upgrade to 22.14, and turning off Aragonite makes no difference. So we’re completely unable to validate LookML and are awaiting a rollback.

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Just adding here, we have had numerous problems with both the Old LookML Runtime and the New LookML Runtime which seemed to start when the New LookML Runtime went beta. 

One issue completely crippled our system (66k queries a day), because the LookML parser stopped detecting constants in `sql:` parameters.  This issue is still at large and Looker support has been “working” with us for a month to get it verified. Yup, it’s not even “verified” yet.  I had to have my staff revert all constants. Was a brutal night.

Looker product team, I’m all for a better a “runtime,” but you have cost us several customers (we private label).

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Just throwing it out here in case it was missed:


Though I’ve also started seeing “variable not found” issues with parameters

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Hey @Dawid,

I appreciate that. But we didn’t miss the docs, and though we had to make some changes, none of our errors were due to stricter LookML parsing. Looker support had us check several times. 😑