Adding "/" as part of building dynamic URL


I’m trying to build a dynamic URL that consists of the following for example:

**url: “**AppId={{ value }}&PID={{_filters[‘postback_installs_ios_android.media_source’] | url_encode }}”

url: " - this line is constant.

I need to add “/” between

AppId={{ value }}"/"&PID={{_filters[‘p_installs’] | url_encode }}"

basically, I need the following :**/**12345

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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I think just adding the slash into the text there would work fine— Is that not coming out properly for you?

url: “**AppId={{ value }}/&PID={{_filters[‘postback_installs_ios_android.media_source’] | url_encode }}”


It worked!

Thank you 🙂