Add filter to table view

  • 19 October 2017
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I was wondering how can I add a filter to a view. I haven’t been able to find an example.

Basically, I created a view out of a table. But I want to exclude ALL of the records where a particular column is NOT NULL, and I want to do it once and not have to worry about all of my joins.

Is this possible?


7 replies

Hi @strva7,

Currently it is not possible to use the sql_always_where at view level, I can pass your feedback to the product team. However a workaround for your initial question can be to use sql_table_name: (SELECT * FROM table WHERE X!=0) ;; Please let us know if this helps.



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Hey @strva7,

I think this may be what you’re looking for:

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Looks like I’m a little late to the game, but I second the need for this feature! Is there a way to vote on feature requests or anything like that?

Hi Jeffrey,

Yes, that would accomplish what I am looking for. But is there a way to do that in my view? That way I don’t have to replicate that where clause everywhere where I am joining my table with other tables in different explores.

Thanks for your answer!

This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

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There is! You can make a new topic in the Feature Requests category here: and then it can be voted on.

I’m running into the same issue