add dimensions as they appear in JSON column

  • 13 October 2021
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We’ve got a JSON column with varied and often-changing keys. I want each of those keys to be a dimension.


What I do now is run a query that produces, as output, one key per row, and I use that and an offline script to generate the LookML. The query looks back on all of history to make sure I include all the JSON keys we’ve ever used. I then copy-paste the generated LookML instead of the old version into Looker.


The problem is that querying so much history every time is inefficient. I’d rather add to a list than replace it.


I seek a solution for this.  My idea is to add to a PDT and then somehow get that PDT to automatically become a list of dimensions (perhaps using Liquid?), but I’ve no idea how to do that latter.


Any suggestions, please?

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1 reply

(I posted this previously but somehow that got closed to answers, which obviously won’t help me if someone comes along with an idea, so I’ve posting it again now.)